Server Maintenance Over!

ummobear Manager posted Feb 16, 17

Sorry about the temporary downtime. We've been working hard to switch hosts for a more lag-free server and also laid the groundwork for some new awesome features!

New ranks and Player Promotion Arena

The old ontime rank ladder will be removed and replaced with a more sophisticated, interactive, and challenging rank ladder. You’ll have to earn these new ranks by

1) Accomplishing specific achievements through the AdvancedAchievements (/aach) plugin and

2) Passing the challenges of the player promotion arena. (/warp arena from hub) Say goodbye to Trusted and VIP and hello to...

< Wanderer, Explorer, Lord, and Legend >

Everybody's old ontime rank has been reset, so you will now start as Wanderer (you will keep Staff and Donator ranks).

What is the Player Promotion Arena?

The player promotion arena will be a build located in the hub with 3 different stages that can be unlocked after a specific set of achievements are accomplished. It’s currently under construction.
The first arena will be the Explorer Challenge.
The second arena will be the Lord Challenge.
The third arena will be the Legend Challenge.

New host

We have also changed our host! Now we've left BisectHosting and moved onto Akliz, hopefully this will help in eliminating lots of lag!

JustZig @ HarmoniCraft Network
The achievements should be worked on, as some are unduable on some worlds such as Skyblock. You can't Dig stone and...
Shadowryien Niiiice! :d
Alaosis Can't wait for the new ranks! :)

Maintenance Period

AgentRoop Manager posted Feb 15, 17

The server will be in maintenance for the next 24 (or more) hours. We're doing some intense updates that require some time to take place but will hopefully eliminate some lag and mySQL issues. Thanks for your patience!

ArcherKing141 How much longer ;n;
Anau_Naga Im glad for the updates, is the version of minecraft also getting updated because i am so ready for observer blocks
Shadowryien Thank you! Will be looking forward to seeing the server back up!

We're proud to announce the next Harmonicraft creative build contest! The theme of this contest is waterfall, and the entry deadline is February 20, 2017. The contest is open to all users and the grand prize is 1,000 Notes. Any other information is located in the creative hub at /creative. Please comment on this post if you have any questions regarding the build contest and have a great day :)

Paoliott Hey i accidently submited two plots, but the one i want you to judge is the one with a white palace, two mountains, some...
JustZig @ HarmoniCraft Network
Would be amazing if you could get +1 plot if you won :3
rejiksky nvm I Can play now so its fine there was a weird problem /Glitch And Roop if your here fixed it by going on minecraft fo...

Voting Contest Results

AgentRoop Manager posted Jan 1, 17

After our month long voting contest, there's been a huge turnout of votes for the server! We've received more than double the amount of votes in any past month, so thank you for your participation. Voting for us on these different sites make a big difference in bringing new members to experience our community, so keep it up!

Now, for the prizes...

1st Place: JustZig

2nd Place: danicraft203

3rd Place: Emi_16

The prizes should be given out automatically as soon as you sign into the server. Please send me a message if something isn't working as it should!

AStolenMeme So these go along each month right?
Albert_Bowden Congrats!! Could we know what rank they got upgraded to? :p
Shadowryien Now these are some cool people ( `v`)/

Voting Contest Details

AgentRoop Manager posted Nov 29, 16

squig3 arch, titans get plenty
hearobrine_notch rip server
RadiantGrey Where can we track the statistics of the votes? (Like a leaderboard)